Thursday, January 1, 2009

Diamond DA42 "TwinStar"

The folks at Diamond Aircraft were kind enough to get me the three-view drawings I needed to build this model before the DA42 was actually released. It's fun to build a model before I ever see the real thing. That way, when I do see the actual airplane, it seems like someone manufactured an airplane based on my 3D work! :)


Anonymous said...

It is intriguing to see that you model something in 3D simply to make renders of it, or to make tutorial materials. Have you ever considered making versions of your models for use in interactive programs such as Microsoft Flight Simulator? (Then you could actually see the thing "flying"!). There is already a commercial addon Twinstar for MSFS, however.

I found this page while looking for 3-view drawings of a Twinstar for MSFS because I'm interested in modelling one for that program's "artificial intelligence" aircraft feature (then Twinstars can appear at airports you visit). If you still have the 3-views, I'd rather like to have copies, if that is okay.

How I'll make a Twinstar with only about 3500 polygons maximum is anybody's guess, with that subtle shape! Kudos for tackling such an interesting shape.

David Diamond said...

Hi there, and thanks for the comment. I haven't done any 3D work for games or simulators. I guess, because I got my start doing print work, I stuck with that. (It prevents me from having to count polygons.) ;)

I'm happy to send you copies of the 3-view drawings. Click the Contact link at the top of the blog so I'll have your email address.

Rafa said...

Hi! My name is Rafael Roldán and I'm a Flight Instructor from Spain and in my free time I also design and fly model airplanes. I found your great blog looking for some blueprints, 3D models or 3-views drawings of the Diamond DA-42 because it's going to be my next project. I have to draw a 3D model in AutoCAD to build the molds for the composite materials. That's why I'd like to have copies of the images Diamond gave you, if you were so kind. As well as any other images or files that you kindly want to share with me.

I really love and appreciate your work it's amazing!!!
Thank you a lot in advance!!!


David Diamond said...

Hello Rafael! If you post another comment with your email address in it, I'll send you the 3-view drawings. (And, of course, then delete the comment so others won't see it.)

Thank you very much for the kind words on my work, and good luck with the Autocad project!