Friday, January 16, 2009


I tried to get just about every navigation concern I could into this image for AOPA. Pilots will probably recognize the various little VFR waypoints and such that we use when making flight plans. The more natural things are in there too, like weather, terrain, lakes and coastline. Did I miss anything? ;)

This image was more scenic than most of my work, which made it fun to do. It was also a full spread (two facing pages) in the magazine, which is always great, because it gives me a nice wide-angle aspect to work in--lots of real estate! Unlike most situations, here, the high-wing of the Cessna 172 actually worked better than the low wings of the DA40 and the Cirrus. When looking at the airplane from below at this angle, the low-wing airplanes were all "bottom." In other words, the wing obscured too much of the fuselage.


Chadwick said...

It's a great illustration David!

David Diamond said...

Thank you! :)